How do I edit my availability calendar within the app?

Your availability calendar is the first tab that shows when you are editing your listing. For help with editing your listing, click here. Your calendar will not show until you have submitted your listing for approval.


To edit a single day, double click that day. To edit multiple days, click the first day once and the last day once. When you've selected a day, it will show as green on your calendar.


After selecting the days you want to edit, your editing options will show. From here, you can change the availability or the price for those days. Be sure to click 'Apply' after making any changes.


To make days unavailable, click the 'toggle' to the left so it is greyed out and no longer red. After you hit apply in this window, you will see the dates you've selected as greyed out on the calendar.


You can make your entire listing invisible on our site to renters by switching the 'toggle' button under "Listing Visibility" to the left so it's greyed out. You can use this function if you will not be available for an extended period of time or if you would like to take a break from renting. Turning off visibility does not delete your listing and it can be made visible at any time by clicking the toggle back to the right so it shows as red.




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