How to I prepare to return the RV?

We recommend reaching out to the owner the day before your rental is set to end to confirm the pick-up or drop-off time. This will also give you time to make changes to the rental if you want to extend your trip

Many owners have post-trip penalty fees if you do not return their RV to them in the condition it was received. To avoid any issues or additional charges upon return, don't forget things like:

  • Cleaning the interior
  • Cleaning the exterior if it excessively dirty
  • Collecting all provided RV items and returning them to their storage space
  • Emptying the holding tanks, if this required of you
  • Refueling (if applicable)
  • Refilling propane (if applicable)
  • Make sure the RV is ready to roll i.e., steps retracted, stabilizer jacks retracted, roof vents closed, awning retracted, outdoor storage locked, items stowed away inside, etc.

Have your copy of the rental forms ready for the post-trip walkthrough with the owner. 

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