How do I know if the owners on your site are real?

Every listing that is submitted to our site is reviewed and approved by real people. We try our very best to catch anyone that may not have the best intentions. To protect yourself:

  • Do not pay owners outside of the platform. The easiest way to spot a scammer is when they ask for payment through outside sources. Payments processed through our platform are safe and secure.
  • Keep all communication between you and RV owners on the platform until the trip has been confirmed. This provides protection in cases of a he said/she said scenario.
  • Do not book outside of the platform. When booking through the site, you are protected with insurance, roadside assistance, and secure payments. If an owner asks you to leave the site, you may be opening yourself up to a host of issues.
  • Ask questions. Someone who doesn't actually own the RV they are claiming to have for rent isn't going to know much about it. 

If you suspect someone is attempting to scam you or you have an uncomfortable feeling about an owner, please reach out to our support team at and include the reasons why you are suspicious.

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