How does this work?

We are a 100% online peer-to-peer RV rental platform where renters and owners connect, explore, and share the RV lifestyle. The RVs listed on our platform are privately owned by individuals all around the country.

We act as the matchmaker of the RV rental world. We provide payment processing, insurance, roadside assistance, and verification for every booking on our site. All details of the rental are worked out between the owner and renter of the RV.

For renters, booking an RV is easy as:

Finding an RV

Booking the RV

Picking up the RV or having it delivered

Enjoy your trip!

Return the RV

For owners, listing your RV is as easy as:

Setting up your account

Listing Your RV

Preparing for a rental

Being available for your renter during their trip

Ending the rental




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