What should I cover during the post-trip walkthrough?

Spend at least 10 minutes doing a thorough walkthrough to test the operation and functionality of your RV systems and appliances. Take down all variable parameters upon return such as fuel level, tank levels, mileage, etc. Check for any new damages to your RV and if there are any issues, be sure to record them on the rental forms using our Good Sam Travel app. If there are additional post-trip fees, note those on the rental forms as well, and have your renter sign off so they acknowledge the damages and charges. If you need to assess any post-trip fees, this will need to be done before midnight on the date of return. If a claim needs to be filed, this will need to be done within 48 hours of the rental ending. We also recommend entering the ending mileage and generator hours to the rental information while the renter is still present, so they are aware of any overages.

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