How can I make my rentals as successful as possible?

The details are what can make or break a rental booking. To make sure your rentals are successful, don't forget to think about these things:

  • Be responsive and communicate with the renter during the booking process
  • Share the pickup location and time with the renter well before the trip starts
  • Share your personal contact information so the renter can reach you during their trip
  • Make sure all systems of your RV are working properly before the rental and be transparent with your renter if something is out of service
  • Clean your RV! Make sure both the interior and exterior are ready for renters
  • Include RV essentials like RV toilet paper, pots and pans, linens, etc.
  • Complete a thorough walkthrough with your renter and fill out the rental forms
  • Consider providing the renter with a user guide that you have created that covers all aspects of your RV, that can be left with them, should they need it

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