What should I cover during a pre-trip walkthrough?

The purpose of completing a walkthrough with your renter is to educate them on operating and setting up your specific unit. This ensures the safety of both your RV and the renter. Please be as thorough as possible and remember that this may be a renter’s first time in an RV, so try to think back to what you needed to know as a newcomer. We always suggest a short 5-minute demo ride to make sure the renter is comfortable with the operation of the RV and its features.

Walk through your RV with your renter and be sure to record any pre-existing damage on the rental forms. Also document the starting values of all variable parameters such as mileage, generator hours, fuel level, etc.

Remind the renter of their responsibilities and any applicable fees that might be charged if these responsibilities are not met. These fees could include mileage or generator overages, cleaning or disposal fees, fuel charges, return times, etc.

Items that you will want to cover on your RV are:

  • How to level and use wheel chocks         
  • Operating stabilizer jacks
  • The operation of all systems
  • How to hookup water, sewer, and electric
  • How the propane system operates
  • How the electrical systems works (battery, solar, electric)
  • Slide-out operation
  • Awning Rules & Operation
  • Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, etc.)
  • Furniture Operation
  • Electronic Appliances (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Storage While Traveling
  • Hitching and Unhitching (if applicable)
  • How to refuel (if applicable)
  • Generator Operation/Hookup (if applicable)
  • RV height, length, and width
  • How to safely drive or tow

Information you may also want to include for the renter is where the nearest dump station or propane refill is, and warn them of any local low clearance overpasses or roads that may be dangerous while traveling in an RV.

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