What is the post-trip process?

Post-Trip Inspection

  • When your renter returns from their vacation, be sure to do another walkthrough of your RV. Be thorough in looking for any damage and be sure to record any differences on your forms. Document the damages through photos and videos for your records and insurance purposes. If you fill out the forms on our app, your information will automatically save. If you fill out physical forms, please report any damage, including photos, to claims@rvrentals.com within 48 hours of the rental ending.
  • Any overage fees or penalty add-on fees will be assessed on the website under the rental details of that trip, found on the My Rentals page, before midnight on the day the RV is returned.
  • Report any issue with these fees or charges to support@rvrentals.com as soon as you can. Please include copies of the signed rental forms.
  • Please be sure that everything is recorded and correct before signing the rental forms at the end of a trip. Make sure both your copy and the renter's copy are signed and contain the same information.
  • The system will automatically close the trip at midnight on the scheduled date of return.


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