How do I reset my password?

If you are having issues logging into your account, please follow the steps below to reset your password:

Click the 'Forgot Your Password' link to send a temporary password to the email address on your account. 


Please check your spam or junk folder if you are not receiving the email. If you have not verified your email address, this also may create issues in receiving the password reset email.


After logging in, you will need to update your password. To do this, select My Account from the site menu



Under the General Settings tab, click 'Update' next to Password



After entering the new information, click the 'eye icon' to reveal your entry and ensure that you have typed your desired password.

Screen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_3.11.19_PM.png               Screen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_3.11.24_PM.png

Be sure to save the updated password to your device or write it down to avoid any issues in the future.

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