Tips for Preventing Common RV Mistakes

Most RV renters are new to the RV community, so while mistakes don't happen very often, they do happen. To help prevent these common mishaps, keep these things in mind when completing your pre-trip walkthrough with your renter:


Most renters are unaware of how fragile an RV awning can be while left out in the wind or rain. Be sure to cover the importance of bringing the awning in and setting the pitch.


Adding the wrong fuel type to a tank can ruin a renter's trip and your RV. Be sure to cover fuel type for your RV or generator extensively. We recommend labeling your fuel tank cap so renters do not forget while refueling.


If renters have limited experience driving a larger vehicle or towing, they may not be familiar with how to maneuver your RV while driving. Make sure you cover how to take turns, change lanes, check their blind spot, etc. with the renter before releasing your RV to them. Also cover the vehicle dimensions so the renter doesn't have clearance issues.

RV-Specific Issues

There are many things specific to RV travel that many renters don't think of before packing up and hitting the road. Cover things like how to secure items in the RV, latching doors and compartments, retracting stabilization jacks and steps, closing air vents, etc. We recommend having a checklist for renters in your RV that they can double-check before taking off.

End of Rental Issues

Sometimes when renters are running behind on the last day of their rental, mistakes are made while they are rushing to get back on time. Offering things like tank disposal, cleaning, and refueling services, etc. can help cut-back on these types of issues.

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