What is the security deposit? What amount should I set?

The security deposit is a refundable hold that is placed on the renter's card, two days before a rental starts. 

This is to ensure that funds are available, should any damage occur during the rental. The deposit is automatically released back to the renter after the rental, if damages are not reported to us within 48 hours of the rental ending.

Setting the correct amount for your security deposit is very important when creating your listing. This deposit will need to cover any damage to the interior of your RV, any out-of-pocket exterior damage that is below the renter's deductible, and possibly cover the insurance deductible itself. We recommend a number between $500 and $2000. Consider the type and value of your vehicle when setting this figure. The replacement or repair costs of things on a large Class A RV are going to be higher than on a pop-up.

What if damage costs exceed the security deposit amount?

Our claims department will collect any additional fees required over the deposit amount. If the additional funds cannot be collected from the renter immediately, the payout for the damages may be made to you in separate transactions.


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