How can I improve my listing?

How well your RV does on our site depends on multiple factors including location, the desirability of your RV, the information and photos on your listing, how active you are on the site, how responsive you are to renters, etc.

To make your listing as attractive as it can be to renters, keep these things in mind:

  • Have clear, well-lit, wide-angle photos of your RV. Include an exterior photo that shows the entire length of your RV and multiple photos of the main areas of the interior. Make sure the photos aren't too close up so renters will understand what they're looking at.
  • Include information that renters want to know in your listing description. When renters are searching for an RV, they want to know about sleeping arrangements, how the kitchen and bathroom are setup, special features of the RV, etc. 
  • Be clear about what's included in the price of the rental. If your kitchen is stocked and you provide RV toilet paper, enter that into the What's Included section. If they have to bring their own linens, mention that too. This will cut back on the number of questions renters will need to ask before booking.
  • If there are certain requirements you have, such as a specific truck size or experience driving a larger RV, make sure to put this in the Things to Know section.
  • Make sure all RV specific information is entered and correct. This includes the year, make, model, electric service, and all tank capacities.
  • Search your area to see what similar RVs are priced at to make sure you aren't pricing yourself out of your market.

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