How do I verify my email address and phone number?

Owners and renters must have a verified email address and phone number to use Good Sam RV Rentals. 

To verify your account information, follow the steps below:


Select My Account from the site menu



Under the General Settings tab, click 'Verify' next to your email address. You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address.



Next, you will click 'Verify' next to your cell phone number. You will receive a text with a code that will be input into the pop-up.



If there is an error with the email address verification link, remember that once a new link is requested, all previous links will expire. If you have to request a new link, make sure you open the entire email thread from us and click on the most recent link.

**Some mobile operating systems and browsers may not allow you to verify your email address from your phone. If you continue to have issues verifying your email address, please use a computer to complete the verification.**

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