How much does roadside assistance cost and what is included?

Roadside assistance is provided to every renter at no cost, with every booking, that covers the RV during the rental period. The roadside assistance plan included will depend on the insurance package a renter chooses during checkout. The 'Good' insurance package will receive the Platinum Roadside Assistance Plan. Included with the 'Better' and 'Best' insurance options, you will receive the Platinum Complete Roadside Assistance Plan

The basics included with every RA plan are:

  •  Unlimited towing distance to the nearest service facility that can repair the RV.
  •  Service for flat tire repair, lost key, battery jump/replacement, fuel/fluids. Tire replacement may not be covered.
  •  Priority access to RV Tech Helpline
  • Additional Platinum perks (rental car and hotel discounts, RV concierge)
  • Much more...

Renters and owners may be subject to additional fees for roadside services. To view complete details of all coverage for each plan, follow the links below:

Platinum Roadside Assistance Details

Platinum Complete Roadside Assistance Details


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