How do I submit mileage and generator overages?

Please enter mileage and generator hours at the beginning of the rental and at the end of the rental to avoid mistakes when entering all the information at one time. If renters do not use any mileage or generator hours during their trip, enter the same information for the beginning and end of the rental.

To enter this information on a booking, sign into your account and follow the steps below:

Select My Rentals from the site menu



Click on the 'Rental Details' of the corresponding rental



Click the 'Submit' button for the rental start or end



Enter the starting and ending mileage and generator hours in whole numbers ONLY. Any numbers after a decimal must be omitted.Screen_Shot_2022-09-06_at_9.50.47_PM.png


Click the submit button



*Note, you can only submit this once so please review all information before submitting. If you enter the wrong number or make a mistake, please contact our support team at immediately. 

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