How do I file a claim?

Filing a Damage Claim

Contact Good Sam RV Rentals' claims department at and explain the damage or accident within 48 hours of the end of the rental.

Please provide the following to our claims team:

    • Photos of the damage 
    • Completed rental forms with signatures
    • Information exchanged at the scene (information about the other vehicle/party, if applicable)
    • Law enforcement reports or details (if applicable)

Since claims are case by case, the steps of the claims process will be provided to you by the Good Sam RV Rentals claims team.

Note: Claims may be denied without completed rental forms or penalty fees present in your listing at the time of booking.


Do I Have to Send an Email to File a Claim?

Yes. To file a damage claim, you must email our claims department. Our team cannot take a claim submission over the phone or via live chat due to the paperwork needed to start the claims process. A claim has not been reported until you send an email to our claims team at

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