Do I have to pick up the RV or is there an option to have it delivered?

There are two rental types on our platform, standard rental and deliver- only. 

With a standard rental, owners can offer both delivery and renter pick up options. In the case that you have the RV delivered, you may be able to move the RV with the owner's permission. This is ideal for someone that would like to have the RV delivered to their home to load it up before hitting the road. Owners do not have to offer delivery.

With a delivery-only rental, the RV will only be delivered by the owner, and you will not have the option to drive or tow the RV yourself. Once a delivery-only RV has been dropped off by the owner, it cannot move again until the owner picks it up.

Owners who do offer delivery set their own fees and delivery radius. You will either see a flat rate option or delivery with a minimum fee and an additional cost per mile, depending on how the owner has their listing setup. Some owners also offer flat rate delivery to specific locations like campgrounds or local attractions.

When searching for rentals in a specific location, you will see RV listings that are located in or are deliverable to that area. If the owner offers delivery, there will be information in the listing result that shows "Delivered from..."



Standard delivery will show with a steering wheel icon



Delivery only rentals will show with a location marker



When looking at a listing that offers delivery, you will find their parameters and fees below the map, at the bottom of the listing



You can reach out to an owner prior to booking with any questions about their delivery options.

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