Insurance Protection for Owners

Insurance Coverage for Owners

When RV rentals are confirmed, you will automatically receive automobile liability coverage, up to $1 million, during the rental period at no cost. This policy covers physical damage to the exterior of your RV due to covered accidents. Any interior damage done during a booking is charged from the renter's security deposit and is not covered under the insurance policy. Normal wear and tear, maintenance, personal effects, and mechanical or electrical issues are excluded. Renters select coverage from one of three insurance packages (Good, Better, Best) during rental bookings, but their choice will not affect your protection.


Can I Use My Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance carried by you will be in excess of the insurance provided by Good Sam RV Rentals since our insurance is primary during the rental period. Your RV is required to be insured to meet state registration guidelines to protect yourself at times when the RV is not booked through Good Sam RV Rentals.


When Does Coverage Begin & End?

Coverage is valid during the rental period. The rental period is defined as the time when the keys are exchanged with the renter at the start until the keys are turned back over to you at the end. If the rental period needs to be extended for any reason, renters need to suggest a change to the dates of the trip, and the new terms will have to be accepted by you. You can also initiate the extension of dates that will then need to be accepted by the renter. Insurance coverage is only valid for the dates booked through Good Sam RV rentals. When delivering your RV for a booking, your personal insurance will cover your RV while you are transporting it to and from the rental drop-off location.


What Insurance is Available for Renters?

Renters are required to choose from three insurance packages during checkout. These packages vary based on price, coverage, and deductible based on the year and class of your RV. The options are as follows:


Liability - State minimum

Full, Comp & Collision Coverage

Deductible - Class A: $5,000; Other Motorized: $2,500; Towable: $2,000


Liability - State minimum

Full, Comp & Collision Coverage

Deductible - Class A: $3,000; Other Motorized: $2,000; Towable: $1,500


Liability - Up to $1M

Full, Comp & Collision Coverage

Deductible - Class A: $2,500; Other Motorized: $1,500; Towable: $1,000


How Do I File a Damage Claim?

Contact Good Sam RV Rentals' claims department at and explain the damage or accident within 48 hours of the end of the rental.

Please provide the following to our claims team:

    • Photos of the damage 
    • Completed and signed rental forms
    • Information exchanged at the scene (information about the other vehicle/party, if applicable)
    • Law enforcement reports or details (if applicable)

Insurance claims are case by case, and the next steps will be provided to you by the Good Sam RV Rentals claims team.

Note: Claims may be denied without the completed rental forms or penalty fees present in your listing at the time of booking.

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