Can I decide who rents my RV?

At the end of the day, we want owners to feel comfortable with whoever rents their RV. That's why you have the final word on all rental agreements, including who rents your RV. We encourage communication between you and the renter during the reservation process to make sure rental expectations are clear before it's time to hand over the keys.  

We suggest asking these questions before accepting a rental request:

  • What are the renter's travel plans?
    • You can offer suggestions or tips on certain destinations or travel routes. You can also make sure that the renter is not planning on taking your RV anywhere that you are uncomfortable with.
  • How much RV experience does the renter have?
    • You can tailor your pre-trip walkthrough to your renter based on their relevant RV experience. You may need to cover certain things in more detail if the renter is new to RVing or you can skip certain processes like how to dump the tanks, if they have done this before.
  • Is the renter's tow vehicle large enough and properly equipped to pull your RV?
    • Making sure that the renter can safely tow your RV is extremely important. If they are unsure about their towing capacity, this can be found in their vehicle manual. If their truck or SUV cannot tow your RV, you can offer delivery or you can decline the rental request.
  • When does the renter want to pickup and drop off the RV on the scheduled days?
    • Making sure that you are available during specific hours that work for both you and the renter is key. There is nothing worse than confirming a rental and then finding out that the renter can only pick up the RV while you're at work.

As an owner, you can decline a rental request for any reason if you are uncomfortable with a renter or their plans. Keep in mind, once you have accepted a request, any changes that will lower the overall cost of the booking cannot be made.

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