What is the pre-trip process?

Before and after a renter’s trip, you are required to complete an in-person walkthrough with them. Our rental forms must be completed in order for us to collect fees on your behalf and to file a damage claim.

Pre-Trip Inspection

  • When showing your renter around your RV during the walkthrough, it’s important to be as thorough as possible with the operation of all systems and where things are located. We recommend labeling basic functions in your RV, such as slide switches or fuel type.
  • Be sure to record any existing damage before the renter leaves for their trip. It's also a good idea to take pre-trip photos, just in case damage occurs. You will complete this when you fill out the check out forms via our app, Good Sam Travel.
  • We encourage all of our owners to create a user guide for their renters that is specific to their RV. This guide should be kept in the RV while it’s being rented. Having information available to the renter can help to cut down on operation errors and calls to you.
  • Check to make sure the renter's license is valid for the entirety of the trip and that the name on the license is the name on the rental agreement.
  • It's important to provide the renter with a copy of the forms during their trip, as they contain the roadside assistance and insurance information that they may need during their booking. If the forms are filled out online, a copy of these forms are automatically saved under your rental.

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