What if the RV is not as advertised when I pick it up?

Be sure to complete a full walkthrough with the owner before you accept the keys to their RV. If you are not confident in the condition of the RV upon pickup or something is not as advertised, you do have the right to cancel a trip. This includes the RV being dirty, systems not functioning properly, tires being worn, registration being out of date, etc. In this case, please contact us immediately at support@rvrentals.com, so we can cancel the trip and attempt to remedy the situation.

If you accept the RV and find that something is unsatisfactory or not working, please contact the RV owner to let them know and also report the issue to our support team immediately. If the RV is not up to standard during a rental period and our team and the RV owner are not informed, we may not be able to offer resolution after the rental period and damage disputes may be denied.

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