How do I prepare for my upcoming rental?

The pick-up or delivery location and time is set between you and the owner prior to the start date. Please present your driver's license to the owner at arrival. Your license and tow vehicle registration (if applicable) must be valid for the entirety of the trip and you must be the person on the rental agreement.

Pick-up Requirements

  • Leave yourself about an hour at the beginning of the key-exchange to complete a thorough walkthrough of the RV with the owner. During this walkthrough, be sure to check all operations and functionalities of the RV. If anything is not as advertised, record it on the rental forms via our app. If you cannot accept the RV because of issues, please contact
  • It is your responsibility to make sure any existing damage is documented properly during the walkthrough, i.e. photos and rental forms. Once you take possession of the keys, you are agreeing that everything is satisfactory with the RV.
  • Before signing the forms and hitting the road, make sure the pre-trip portion of the form contains all correct and required information.
  • Be sure to have a copy of the rental forms with you while on your trip. The insurance policy information as well as the roadside assistance information is housed on these forms.

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