How do I rent an RV?

To rent an RV, please make sure you have created an account on and are signed in.

Enter the destination where you want your rental to start on the homepage. This can be where you live or somewhere you are going.


If desired, you can filter listing results near the top of the page. Click on the listings to see more information about the RV. You can message an owner if you have any questions.



Once you have found an RV that will work, enter dates into the booking box to check the availability



Select pickup or delivery, if applicable. When selecting delivery, enter the full address, using the auto-generated options.



Once you have reviewed the insurance options and fees in the booking box, click 'Continue Booking'



Select any applicable add-ons or skip this step



Enter your payment information and click 'Next'



You will now see a breakdown of when when your payment will be collected and you will have the option to purchase trip interruption insurance



On this last page, you will also see a breakdown of all fees, including the security deposit. Please review these fees before booking.



At the bottom of the booking page, you can enter any details about your trip or questions you may have for the owner of the RV. After agreeing to our Terms of Service, you will click the 'Confirm and Pay' button



You will be immediately prompted to complete the driver verification. The individual whose name is on the account must complete the initial verification. Once they have been verified, you can add additional drivers.

You can check the status of your request under the My Rentals page.

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