How much money can I make renting my RV?

The amount of income you can earn is up to you. Several factors that can determine how much interest there is in your RV include location, your fees, how desirable your RV is, how often your RV is available for rent, and how responsive you are to the renter’s questions and inquiries. How your RV is presented in your listing plays a crucial role in having consistent bookings, exposure of your listing, and repeat renters. 

The fees for your RV are determined and set by you. You can raise or lower rates depending on factors like holidays, weather, seasons, or demand right from your calendar.

Good Sam RV Rentals only takes a 10% commission, so you make a 90% profit on every completed booking.

Good Sam RV Rentals does not control, change, or set any fees on an RV listing.




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